Craig J Collection – (6 piece)


A great opportunity to purchase the entire Craig J Collection.

Bought separately you would spend $390.00 but you can purchase the collection for $275.00! You save $115.00!

This collection is great for feeling mindful and balancing your overall energy and . . . simply because Craig J is SUPER cool.

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I was inspired by Cassidy Bandmate and dear friend Craig J, to create “The Craig J Collection.”  He is an incredible composer, musician and music producer. Look him up @craigjsnider. He’s just plain “cool.” Just like his unique collection.

These bracelets are very balanced as it should be, with the dark and light forces complementing one another.

Elastic stretch band for ease and comfortability.

To buy any individual bracelet(s) click on the appropriate link: Yin ‘n Yang, Leather ‘n Steel, Ride The Tiger, Tranquil Turquoise, Blue Steel, B Fly.

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