Drum Jewels was born at a trade show.

I was at NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) in Anaheim, Ca representing Rimshot-Locs, a drum accessory part company, with my business partner and inventor, GT Albright, when I had a great idea. I should bead my NAMM badge strings with Rimshot-Locs to gain attention! It worked like a charm!  ; )

The next year, I came with jewelry I made using Rimshot-Locs. With great feedback, I started selling! Everything has continued from there…


My background is diverse. I am an artist of many mediums with a deep love of nature. Besides being musical, I paint, illustrate, love photography, sculpt…basically anything artistic.

I’m lucky enough to have artistic genes from both my parents.

My mother is a painter, as was my father who passed when I was nine.


It all started in my mother’s art studio at the age of three, with me copying her drawings of the head of a horse. That was the first thing I ever drew. 

I enjoy traveling world-wide extensively, as I have for years and continue to do so. From Japan to Italy, I’m always on the lookout for exceptional pendants or beads. With these global travel experiences under my belt, I carry all of that expression and life into each DRUM JEWELS piece. I focus on incorporating as much meaning as possible, and pursue quality, organic materials in my creations.

In the beginning, my pieces were oriented towards musicians, drummers especially, and those who love them. Today, I am proud the line has grown to include jewelry that shows my love of nature.

Drum Jewels is more than just jewelry, it’s jewelry with meaning. Each piece is designed and made by me personally. Each is one of a kind, and no two are identical. There’s either a story, a memory, or a future, and sometimes all of the above…it starts with me and the inspirational spark, whether it be a request to create something custom for a specific purpose, a surprise custom piece, personal vision on the client or my part, or it just magically happens. No matter how the idea is born, it generally has a special purpose and meaning, as I take pride in placing my creations with people in a spiritually, connected way.

Artist Teri Coté created a unique bracelet with symbols representing a very special artist for me. The quality was excellent and I love my bracelet. I would recommend you check out all the jewelry on her website Drum Jewels. She is amazing and her jewelry is awesome!
Pam Ard
It’s not just like having jewelry on when you wear a creation by Teri Cote, it is an experience. The heartbeat of her years on stage are carefully woven into the beautiful pieces that make up her exquisite line of jewels. The same pieces that are found on drums that bring music into our hearts, bring beauty into our lives and are carefully crafted by the hands that created a beat with the world’s greatest musicians, including TC!
Linda de Ambrosio
Here is some of the beautiful jewelry from Teri...always professional...discusses what you want...till you are happy....all lovely as you can see...and keeps in touch till you receive....and being U.K....I found delivery very quick...Thank you once again for ALL your hard work...much appreciated...from one happy customer xx??❤?
Gwen Mitchell