City Line

City Line, created for the Jackson Junge art gallery in Wicker Park, Chicago, Il.

With stream lines, a slick vibe and simple designs using stainless steel Rimshot-Locs and various other metal beads.

Modern and cheek with a touch of organic.

Robust, bold yet versatile and sturdy.





Brilliant, bold, versatile and stylish!

Very unique, chunky pieces.

Stainless Steel, glass, wood and other metals (copper, brass, silver).

(To buy any individual piece(s) click on the appropriate link below).

Necklaces: Mineral Magnitude, Copper CalmOcean SteelHip Heart,  Steel ‘n Shades.

Bracelets: Galactic GratitudeBrass ‘n Bold Simply SteelOrganic OpulenceCopper ‘n Steel,  Brass ‘n BlueBrass ‘n Beauty, Copper Time.

The Details


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