Chamberlain Snow Flake (custom)


This is a custom necklace.

You can order it and it to be customized to your preferences.

Do you see something you like, or would you change it?

How would you create YOUR custom necklace.

Let’s discuss it!



This piece was commissioned by Ginger Chamberlin, for her mother who passed. This particular necklace represents her mom, to her with the colors she loved and charms pertaining to her.  This one has an angel wing, a snowflake and her astrology sign. That’s what she chose. I would never repeat this design since it’s personal to her, and I don’t in general, but you can design something which speaks specifically to you.

The leather, and bead colors can be varied as well as the charms and pendant, according to your personal desires. You can purchase this piece and write your leather and bead colors, charm choices and pendant idea in the notes upon ordering, or write me prior to and we can discuss the options. Happy to do so.


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